We invite you to use our free Ubiquiti Network Management System. You can use it to configure, monitor, upgrade, and back up your Ubiquiti devices in a comfortable and effective way. It is possible to add your routers and switches as well as wireless equipment and optical GPON devices. And why stop there? You can even manage your client APs just as easily. This is the management of all devices in a single application: UNMS.

Simple Installation

  • Docker-based application with install script and in-app upgrade.
  • Install UNMS on your server or use any cloud provider.
  • Try UNMS cloud with a single click installation and Ubiquiti SSO.

Quick Device Discovery

  • Use UNMS mobile or UNMS discovery to register your devices. UNMS can reach them even behind NAT.
  • Device connections are secured with HTTPS and AES encryption.
  • Devices are automatically upgraded to necessary FW version.

Network Monitoring

  • Outage notifications only report the device responsible for the network issue instead of all devices from the affected segment.
  • Both alerts and notifications are configurable and have email integration support.
  • UNMS automatically creates your network topology map.
  • Performance, signal, and bandwidth charts are displayed in real time, with one year of data retention.

Device Management

  • The basic overview allows you to filter a list of all devices with advanced filters and quick fulltext search.
  • All frequently used actions such as FW upgrade or device restart are available.
  • Devices can be organized within a structure of Sites and Client sites.
  • Firmware manager enables mass upgrade for all supported devices.
  • Safe credentials vault allows you to store device login data securely, and use them to log into devices quickly.

Device Configuration

  • Configure routes, firewall policies, and other advanced routing features.
  • Use site survey and check the clients of your wireless devices.
  • Manage your GPON devices and even configure clients’ airCubes behind NAT.

Device Dashboard

  • Provides a quick overview and important information of a device state.
  • Place where you can easily monitor device throughput statistics.

CRM module

  • UCRM is now an integral part of UNMS, always one click away.
  • Automated billing and a range of online payment options are available.
  • Schedule jobs (installations, repairs) and manage email support in Ticketing.
  • Traffic shaping and suspension are automatically set based on a client's services.
  • Client portal, localization, API and plugins.

Coming soon: Smart CPE provisioning

UNMS 1.1.0
  • Distributed remote devices discovery.
  • Simple CPE configuration with pre-connection wizards.
  • Quick setup with UNMS mobile app.
  • Improved maps with integrated airLink and links simulations.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04, Debian 9, CentOS 7, CoreOS
CPU: 64-bit (x64) processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard disk: 16 GB available disk space
Windows and Mac OS not supported, use VM instead or UNMS cloud.

For questions and information, visit our Community.