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Host UNMS locally
If your server is running Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit), or Debian 9 (64-bit), you can install UNMS by running the following command.
curl -fsSL > /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/
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Care simplified
Streamlined customer and business management. Now part of UNMS.
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All the tools you’ll need for your ISP business
Organize your clients and leads
From assigned plans and credit balance, to quotes sent to potential new customers, you’ll always know what’s up with your database.
Billing and recurring invoices
Customize tax rates per client (or service), invoice frequency, discounts… we could go on. Also, we handle invoice generation for you.
Automatic suspensions
Take full control over what happens when payments are overdue. Set up late fees, and service suspensions to be executed automatically.
Seamless traffic shaping
We take care of download and upload speeds based on your clients’ service plans. You don’t have to do it manually.
Multiple payment gateway integrations
UNMS can process credit card payments and recurring subscriptions with a multitude of different gateways depending on your preferences.
Business and client-specific information at a glance
There is no need to dig deep into the platform, unless you want to. Get all the important stuff right in your home dashboard.
Now we host UNMS for you. For free.
Get UNMS for Free
Feel empowered, not limited
UNMS has your back. Explore additional tools that will help you provide the best experience for your customers.
Ticketing and customer support
Easily interact with your customers via the ticketing system integrated to the Client Zone or simply through emails automatically pulled as tickets by UNMS. And if necessary delegate a ticket to another member of your team.
Schedule jobs for your team
Installations, field work or troubleshooting — send your technicians on different jobs and monitor their schedule through UNMS or your own calendar.
Official plugin support
Expand UNMS’ functionality by using a variety of plugins created by users from our community. And if you need to, leverage our API to have more control of what you can do with your data.
Read our API documentation →
Go to plugins  →
Plus many more features...
Client management
Self-managed service reactivations
Individual pricing and suspension policy
Custom tags and attributes
Activity logs
Batch mailing tool
Billing and payments
Fully customizable periods and frequencies
Invoice prorating
Credit card payments, subscriptions, ACH
Automatic payment imports from banks
Templates for all documents
Client notifications
Client zone look and feel
Suspension walled-garden page
3rd-party device compatibility
CRM localized to many languages
Ready to use in different legal areas (USA, EU, Asia)
GDPR compliant
FCC Reporting